Telling the Truth 2007: Yes its really going to be that good!

Normally, I’d leave it to my fellow locals to make their own decisions about free time. But this weekend’s Telling the Truth Conference on the Arts and the Worshipping Church is really going to be so good… you won’t want to pass this one up. In fact, if I didn’t live here in Victoria, I’d still be travelling to get to be part of it.

The Event runs 3 days:

  • Thurs Oct 25th 7pm (Lambrick Park Church) Keynotes and local stories
  • Friday Oct 26th 7pm (Saanich Community Church) an extravaganza of art, live music, poetry exporing intersections with faith.
  • Saturday Oct 27th 8am (Saanich Community Church) all day workshops and keynotes.
  • Sat evening 7pm (UVic Interfaith Chapel) join us for a contemplative service “Hear the Silence” no charge for this service

Check out for all the details about the conference, cost / registration info, local presenters and story tellers and our guest speakers Jamie Howison and Gord Johnson from Winnipeg’s St Benedict’s Table whose theology is as good as their art and sense of humour.

And hey – even if its last minute..COME! Just mention that you’re a “local” and we’ll get you in!

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