Letting go.

Disappointment is one of the most painful experiences that I know of. And I think that I have had my share of painful experiences in this life. Disappointment robs the soul of hope, sucking away any desire to strive for one’s dreams. What is the source of disappointment? I believe that one very foundational source lies in the expectations that we are taught of life- things that we believe about the world around us, about how we are to relate to that world, and about the relationships that we forge along life’s winding and often unpredictable paths. It is difficult to let go of patterns established in the formative years. It is in those years that we discover whether or not people are to be trusted, whether we are worthy (or not) of being loved, and if – in fact- the love that we so desperately crave is indeed unconditional in its nature. Holiday seasons are notorious in dredging up all sorts of complicated emotions, like a deep sea trawler scrapes the ocean bottom of hidden secrets. Letting go of memories detrimental to the present and future becomes the challenge- “moving on” as it is so often styled. The media does nothing to help us in the mundane, plodding out of these salient issues. We feast on a virtual diet of angst, adventure, fierce romance, all with the beautiful heroine and the handsome, courageous hero living “happily ever after”. It is as if birth, death, and all that is in between can be conviently packaged into one hour, just as essential micronutrients can be compressed into a vitamin supplement.

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