On the cusp of 2008

It is once again New Year’s Eve. Having comfortably planted my dear elderly aunt into the rich virtual soil that is Facebook, I now sit back awaiting her confirmation that I am, indeed, a cyber pal. Picking and choosing which applications to include on her profile was a challenge. I was overwhelmed with the choices bombarding me on all sides. Scrabulous was a safe download. So was ‘funwall’. And yet there are so many more sinister applications to choose from, reminding me once again, as if reminding was necessary, that the fast paced technologically driven world of today and the future, has lost the innocent simplicity of my aunt’s youth. Progress, at the cost of one’s soul, is not truly progress at all. I gind myself longing once again for the sweetness of a time when relationships blossomed over shared cups of tea, long conversations, walks, and even heated arguments resolved by the dogged commitment to ‘see things through’. Resolutions? Too many to articulate. But one stands out above all else- to cherish that which God has given, and not take for granted the love that surrounds and sustains us all.

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