Small satisfactions

Driving down the highway with a can of the ‘real thing’ Coca Cola in one hand, and CBC radio spilling and weaving musical spells in my ears- I pause, having rapidly consumed the contents of the can, and allow a substantial balloon of carbon dioxide to escape through my vocal cords with one loud, satisfying belch. It is a small thing to be sure, seconded only by the knowledge that I will be turning into the parking lot of Cannor Nursery- much as a sailor turns his ship into the Sirens upon the rock. There will be plants…many of them, each calling out to be noticed in colorific splendour. My eyes wander dreamily across the landscape of botanicals, garden tools, and assorted manures (after all, even a plant is entitled to a little happiness). Having left Horticultural Heaven, I drive home, carefully avoiding those streets that will invariably lead me to some book nook- or more deadly, the mall crawl. Yet, upon reflection I see that many of these activities have the same common thread. They are solitary pursuits, or have the potential for being so. Perhaps it is my way of retreating from a world where cliques and exclusivity hold so much sway. These become the small satifactions, in exchange for the unknown which envelopes our unique human interactions.

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