Anything that moves

I went to a play at the Belfrey last night- written by a Canadian, superbly cast, and killingly funny at times. There were forays into politically incorrect topics, and the audience was taken through the entire gamut of emotion- from tears to laughter. I went with a friend- it was “ladies night out”. This friend is becoming increasingly dear to me- she allows me into her heart, and creates a safe place for me to expose mine. There is no judgement in the relationship. As the title of the play suggests- love can come to ‘anything that moves’. One of the things that struck me about the play is that it gave shape, form, and word to so many of the ambivilent and complex issues that I have faced….that many of us have faced…that perhaps all of humanity faces sooner or later. We struggle with family, with control, with balancing vulnerability and strength. Our existential crises have been faced by generations upon generations. To know that one is not alone is perhaps one of life’s most defining moments. To know that forgiveness is within the reach of a heartbeat can give us back our lives, renewed. To hear the words “it is not your fault”, bring freedom to the soul in perpetual self doubt. To learn that receiving the story of another is perhaps one of life’s greatest gifts.

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