Complexities of Dialogue

It is my understanding that dialogue is rather like a dance- one step forward, two steps back, three to the side. I find however, that there are others who appear to see dialogue in a somewhat linear fashion- and to me, that is not dialogue, but monologue. Perhaps monologue is not quite the right descriptive. Mono-hearing or mono-listening might be a more accurate way of putting it, for some conversations that I participate in appear to be dialogue, in that two people are talking, but somehow the hearing part of the encounter gets scrambled. Perhaps we listen to hear our own words in the mouths of others. People tend to hear through the filters of their experience- insecurities and baggage intact. Some people are more aware of those filters, and are hopefully gentle with themselves and with others when they sense that communication has been derailed by the same. It is hard to dance by one’s self- unless you happen to be a diva, and there are not many of us who are. Nothing quite describes the profound feelings of loneliness and isolation experienced by one who reaches out to connect, and fails to do so. It feels like dancing with one leg. But then again, I can only truly say what it is like for me, not for another. It is a soul desert with no oasis. Nay, I shall not talk of such things when there are no ears to hear the weeping behind the words.

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