I am not ashamed.

Is it a sin to express oneself honestly? It seems that it is these days. For only the experience of a select few individuals is deemed worthy of validity, while the reality of others is called “lies”. Somewhere, in the field between two warring realities is the truth. How can trust and relationship be built upon outward appearances, empty words, and broken promises? It takes more than “you are welcome anytime” to create safe haven. It takes more than saying the words to make them believeable. I am not afraid of, nor ashamed of facing my raw emotions in the heat of this nightmare that is the shattering of my son’s family. I could care less who reads this. I will not deny the rage that I feel when I see my son suffering…when I hear of my husband being grilled because someone just happens to read my blog and discover that it is a place where I can pour out an otherwise unarticulated grief. Being honestly broken does not mean that a person is a psychological basket case. Being emotionally frozen is another kettle of fish.

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