Forgiveness, letting go, and other gentle thoughts.

I suppose that this is the season for re-examining old wounds in the light of forgiveness. It has been a year now, well over a year since Mira left. I find my heart softening, and searching for ways to reconnect with her. At least from my end of things. Let there be no stone left unturned. Time is working its natural way of healing, and I am loath to cling to any self-indulgent thoughts of ‘wanting her to see the error of her ways’ before I decide to reach out again. I want to see the baby, and his mother. To have a relationship with them both. I have let go any expectations of requited love, for I want to love for love’s sake alone. Perhaps it will always be received with misunderstood intentions. I can’t control her response. I can only act from a place of authenticity, of integrity.

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