January 2010

In the mad and sports-crazed frenzy that precedes the winter Olympics across the pond, I sit and reflect. How quickly we sell our birthrights for messes of head-butting pottage. The muscle flexing, bob-sled racing, and continuous commercials with the invectives “do you believe” are starting to drive me a bit snaky. I am not really a television watcher- give me a Harry Potter movie, or the “Lord of the Rings” and I will happily fall asleep without the aid of oxazepam. But the hijacking of my electronic sedative with constant interruptions of consumeristic messages, all slightly louder than the program I am watching (or trying to fall to sleep to) is enough to make me use strong language. They should all go to heck.

Media shot for our fundraiser concert "There is Love"
Robyn, Joanne, and Greg, taken Jan. 20th, 2010

But now on another topic. Greg, Robyn, and I will be giving a fundraising concert on Feb 14th entitled “There is Love”. This will be to support our social action committee “Avodah”, and will specifically target low-income families with its rent-subsidy program. This is really about learning to put our money where our mouth is, or in this case, we will use our mouths to provide beautiful music, and our audience will respond with money to donate to this worthy cause. Something to really start the year off right. Forget the self indulgent obsession with youthful bodies, while our homeless are being quietly swept off of the streets and sometimes just loaded into trucks and delivered to other ‘less involved’ communities. Out of sight, out of mind. For shame.

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