Should everything be done in moderation?

Should everything be done in moderation?.

I believe that some things should be done in moderation- such as exercise, eating, and engaging in potentially controversial conversation. However, one should be able to exercise one’s creativity to the degree that one has passion for it. If in musical composition for example- would Handel have written the “Messiah” if he had been encouraged to work “in moderation” rather than closeting himself away for 2 weeks until it was finished? If one is a procrastinator by nature, then certainly ‘moderation’ becomes the buzz word for putting off until tomorrow what should have been done yesterday. One should never love in moderation. Rather, love should be an all consuming flame that cleanses and purifies the soul-dross that collects like a thick dust on the noble intentions of our hearts. It is all too easy to allow indifference to pose under the guise of ‘moderation’. Should we only be moderately incensed when we see injustice? Or when we bear witness to the assaults on our environment, should our response bear the stamp of ‘moderation’? How can one be ‘moderately outraged’ when hearing of the selling of children into slavery? No. When it comes to the appetites of our own flesh, moderation may be the rule; but when it comes to concern for our fellow human beings, for advocating for the voiceless, faceless, or otherwise forgotten of our communities, we must of necessity be tireless, zealous, and unrelenting.

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