How do I stay true to myself?

Yom Kippur. A day of returning to the Source of all being. A day of returning to one’s self. But do I really know who I am, and how can I find the path that I am supposed to be traversing? Teshuvah is the act of turning around- stopping to respond to the question “where are you”, and listening for the still small voice that will become the anchor in the tempests of our journey. I stay true to myself when I have a strong sense of purpose; when my identity is not wrapped up in what I do, what I look like, or how much money, respect, or honour I have amassed- but in how I can act as a conduit for God’s love. My sense of purpose has to grow out of a bedrock knowledge that I am created in God’s image and that no matter what my physical eyes tell me, I am loved before I have done anything to deserve it. I stay true to myself when I can be with others and not feel compelled to become mirror images of them. When I hold to my convictions in the face of a society that keeps changing the rules, and when I resist the temptations of political correctness. Am I there yet? Definitely not. B’ezrat Hashem, I can be pointed in the ‘right’ direction, and with His arm pulling the string of the bow, this arrow may be able to come closer to the mark.

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