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45 You wouldn’t think that something as banal as the aquisition of a magnetic induction element would be the most exciting news in my life these days. Alas. I suppose that says something about the things that bring joy to my days- tongue firmly planted in cheek. I discovered this little treasure at our annual CHW Chanukah party. Three hours of peeling, grating, and frying potato latkes, and I fell in love. Had to have one. Just happened to be on sale at Costco, and my fellow latke-fryer was JUST happening to go out, and could she pick one up for me?? How could I refuse? So now this little gem sits happily on my counter- and I have used it several times now, although I hate to get it’s shiny black surface dirty. I just love to look at it and marvel at the technology. So efficient, so sleek, so…

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