The wisdom of Honeybees 2

The wisdom of Honeybees

I love my bees. Can’t get enough of watching them. Gentle, hardworking, and single minded in their purpose- they teach me that no task is insignificant. A community that values the contributions of every member, knowing that the well being of the community as a whole depends on the integrity and stability of it’s most vulnerable members, is a community that will thrive in the bleakest of situations. And I say this as one well aware of the precarious situation facing honeybees worldwide. I cherish my bees. I don’t know if they can feel my love, or if they really care, but my garden is cultivated with them in mind. I plant things that will support their health and well being. I respect them for their generosity in sharing their precious honey. I treat them when they are ill, using methods that are friendly to the environment. And I grieve when they languish and succumb to onslaughts from their predators. These tiny creatures are like family. It’s too bad they didn’t all have names, but I have to draw the line somewhere!

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