The Wisdom of Honeybees 1

IMG_0414Honeybees are the epitome of a community in balance and working in harmony with each other. There is much that we as a society can learn from watching bees in action. Each bee, from birth to death, is assigned a function and purpose in the hive. After hatching out, the newly born bee sets to work cleaning her cell. She ‘graduates’ to a nurse bee, feeding larvae, and eventually moves up the ladder through a multiplicity of tasks until she finally gets to forage as a field bee. Hives represent an absolute monarchy. Honeybees respond to the pheromone of their queen. They are utterly devoted to serving her, as long as she continues to produce the perfume that binds them together as a community. Without a queen, the hive is listless- without purpose. Any egg can become a queen, if fed the ‘right diet’ in the first 3 days of life. However, sister queens are not tolerated. If more than one queen cell is raised, the first queen to hatch will speedily dispatch her royal-wanna-be-siblings. Not the way to deal with conflict.

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