A simple kindness

Nehamashira's Blog

She is in her seventies, dying on our hospice unit of some form of malignancy. She calls out frequently, and is what some may call a ‘difficult patient’. Frightened by the journey thrust upon her, she reaches out for any living, breathing, emoting creature willing to spend the minutes, or hours needed for her to discover and excavate the treasures of her life. She is estranged from her family- and oh how it cuts to the very depth of her soul. The isolation is terrible. Silent tears trickle down her cheek as with one hand she reaches out to grab onto my arm, and with the other hand she waves me away dismissively. Not wanting to ‘be a bother’. Of course I only see this half of the equation. She could have relatives that love her deeply- perhaps she is lost in the prison of her own heart. The only…

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