099I am privileged to know and be taught by a truly great vocal artist and coach. She has launched many singers onto the international stage, having a keen ear for talent and a piercing ability to tease it out. Not that I am planning to be her next project- I just love to sing and am humbled that she would take me on as a student. With an honesty as bracing as a February windstorm, she is able to uncover the heart of any performance issue, and is not afraid of ‘hands on’ approaches. She has more pizzazz in her little pinky than I will ever have. But she has attended my recitals, given me brutally honest feedback, and when she says “well done kid”, it is high praise indeed. Here’s to Selena. A Diva and a rare gem in the world of classical singing and opera. Not only is she a teacher, but a friend. I am hoping that she will continue to inspire for many more lessons to come.

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