The Golden Thread

Nehamashira's Blog

Death walked into the room and strode up to the woman lying upright against a sea of pillows. Surrounded by her family, having said all that she wanted to say, she surrendered to a narcotic embrace, slipped her hand into the shadowy reaches, stepped out onto the dance floor and held Death firmly at arms length- for she alone would lead the steps in this final waltz. The rabbi stood at the end of the bed, witness to the tapestry of her life; her children, the threads on a 48 year old loom unraveling.. Two sons stood, sober, with kippahed heads, clutching siddurim. Not knowing what to say, or how to say it outside the context of holy letters and ancient prayers, three heads bowed in a trinity of silence. The daughter, of a more intuitive nature, keeping vigil- loving and hoping with every breath that THIS was not theā€¦

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