Dec. 30th, 2015

I had better start using this blog. It seems an age (alright…it has BEEN an age) since I last sat clacking away at the computer keys for anything other than yammering away on Facebook. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say- it’s that LIFE interferes with my creative juices by throwing curve balls in my direction. Like a bowel obstruction. Or a research project. Or knitting. Or Netflix. It is easy to follow the path of least resistance and succumb to the siren call of audience membership. Entertain me please- I cannot summon the energy to activate myself. Enough whining already. Like the FB meme says “life does not have a remote control, get up and change it yourself”.  So here I sit, at the close of an old year, with my one and only blog post. A feeble attempt at literary repentance. Therapeutic prose. Or perhaps it is just the dawning realization that I need to get off of my bony duff and write. Just like I need to use the gym membership to get in shape. I am paying for it regardless. I may as well get my money’s worth. By exercising the muscles between my ears, as well as the muscles covering my endoskeleton, I may find myself in better shape by this time next year.

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