Complicated Worlds

I have lately come to realize just how technologically poverty stricken I am. Perhaps it is because I am so busy that I do not have the time to fully explore all of the perks of having a domain to my name. Or maybe it is just because I am one small, insignificant voice bleating in the wilderness of cyberspace. Gone are the days of hands on learning, where a mentor sat close to an apprentice. Everything is done through the medium of the computer. On-line help. On-line tutelage. And on-line drop-out students who through ultimate frustration choose to allow their voices to be silenced. It is a brave new world out there. A world of two-dimensional gravatars. Of emails exchanged and instructions involving authenticator codes, passwords, user names, and ever so complicated ways of just trying to end an automatic payment plan for a site that I cannot fully use to its potential. I feel like a dinosaur….that I must die out to make way for the next highly evolved of the human species.

One thought on “Complicated Worlds

  1. Dear friend,
    You just wrote the very blog post I’ve been drafting in my head for the last few months. It’s such a strange world to me. It seems so superficial, impoverished, but certainly I am impoverished if I can’t gain proper access to it. Feeling sorry for myself, but not alone after reading your words. Thank you!

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