Confessions of a severely techno-challenged nubiant

OK. Time to fess up. I am the authour of Nehamashira’s Blog; Nehamablog; Nehamashira….I have 5 sites that I have been TRYING to merge into one. In my vast ignorance about all things cybernetic, I have inadvertently recreated myself several times. I am a reluctant cyberclone. I am sure that there are those of you out there who are secretly falling off of your ergonomic seats in helpless laughter, but in the off-chance that there is a friendly soul who has walked this same brain-sucking path, I crave your patience and your indulgence. I am a bedside nurse-not an IT disciple.

Ducks and the guardian vegetarian ducktoller
Ducks with the guardian vegetarian ducktoller….who happens to have a catnip fettish. OK, so right now it’s a borage fettish. 

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