I am a writer, poet, musician, mother, gardener, rather good cook, and a palliative care nurse. I am also a teacher, and have dabbled in scientific research, obtaining a Master’s degree in Biology whilst studying ailing plants (vs ailing people). Plants usually do not talk back to their care-givers, something that can be a plus at times. However, in my research, I had to crush many of my samples and extract protein from bark, then separate the proteins by a method known as two-dimensional electrophoresis- and the psychological damage inflicted on me from such wanton destruction of living material has left me in gross need of lifelong soul therapy. Enough of that. I can see you yawning already. I am happily married to an extremely tolerant and gracious man, have two grown sons, one of whom speaks to me on a regular basis. Both sons are married, although my older son and his wife (& child) are not living together- some mysteries we are not meant to understand. The younger son is married to a most wonderful, warm, down-to-earth woman, who actually loves her parents-in-law (who are in turn, crazy about her!). You can guess which son is the one in regular contact. We do not know our little grand baby because his mama does her level best to keep it that way. But on the up side, my younger son and his wife are having a baby girl, and we are over the moon about that.

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